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Certifications and LicenseWhen looking for the best company for bathroom and kitchen design RI, MA and CT residents must look to several criteria in order to judge the stability and ability of a contractor. Two important factors that every good kitchen or bathroom remodeling company should have in place are proper licensing and sufficient insurance. Here’s why.

A contractor who is not licensed to do business can easily disappear once a job is finished, leaving you to deal with any problems that arise. Worse, an unlicensed contractor could take your deposit and “fly the coop” before the work is done, leaving you with an unfinished kitchen or bathroom. Licensing demonstrates stability and accountability on the part of the contractor.

Rhode Island Kitchen & Bath is a licensed and insured contractor in Rhode Island (Reg#3984), Massachusetts (MA#164199) and Connecticut (CT#HIC.0673137).

Similarly, a legitimate RI , MA and CT kitchen and bath remodeling company will carry both liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Without this coverage, any accident or injury that occurs in your home may become your liability!  Make sure any contractor you are considering has current liability and workers’ compensation coverage. Insist on getting a Certificate of Insurance directly from the company’s insurance carrier. Don’t trust an old photocopy – it may not show up-to-date coverage.

Rhode Island Kitchen & Bath carries liability insurance up to $2 million for each project, as well as full worker’s compensation insurance for all staff members.

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