Luxury Bath Converts Your Tub or Shower in Just One Day


If you want to update your old bathroom without going through the process of a complete renovation, RI Kitchen & Bath offers you an excellent alternative with our Luxury Bath tub and shower enclosures. We can change the look of your bathroom with a beautiful, durable tub or shower enclosure quickly – often in just one day – and for less money than a remodel.

Tub Enclosures
Our Luxury Bath tub enclosures and replacement tubs are made with advanced acrylic material that is durable, beautiful and easy to maintain. It fully encloses existing tub and wall space to provide a seamless look. Available in a wide array of colors and textures, our Luxury Bath tub enclosures can even be ordered as a whirlpool or soaker tub with arm rests and spa jets. We can also install a walk-in door for easy access to the tub.

Shower Enclosures
Our shower enclosures are also built of durable acrylic with Microban microbial protection. Sizes range from 30” up to 60” and will cover almost any size shower pan opening. Shower enclosures are available in many colors and textures, and can also be ordered in a barrier-free configuration to make entry and exit easier.

Each of our Luxury Bath enclosures includes Microban antimicrobial product protection. This special coating helps to prevent the growth of mold or mildew in the damp bathroom environment, and is an important feature of your bath enclosure.

You can view samples of our Luxury Bath tub and shower enclosures in our spacious Warwick, RI Showroom.

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